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Cam leavers

12 Nov: Goodbye Cam

After over 2 years of service, Cam has decide to leave MHT Technology. Though saddened by her decision, her team at MHT wishes her the best of times in the new job, and looks forward to continuing her work.

The marketing and product management team at MHT Technology benefitted from Cam’s fearless, no nonsense attitude and fresh perspectives in marketing. We have taken our website design in house, started experimenting with video content and social media.


17 Sep: MHT AT CHEMUK 2021

MHT Technology was finally on the road again, with the destination of CHEMUK at Birmingham for a 2-day event. The team consisting of ‘Product Manager’ Marcus Webster, ‘Marketing Coordinator’ Camille Hilditch, ‘Business Development Manager’ Joanne Morgan and ‘Senior Hardware Engineer’ Andrew Barningham travelled down to the event last week. It was great to see the industry back together after the restrictions due to COVID postponed the event twice.

Picture showing tanks

04 Dec: Handover of Terminal Automation Sites in Thailand

MHT are pleased to announce that INDEX has officially signed off the project handover for Lampang sites. These sites are part of the pipeline project used to increase infrastructure in the North of Thailand. These sites were built from scratch in the Thai jungle, and they are now loading-trucks using our Terminalvision software and our Queuing system. The handover is significant because the customer is now satisfied that the site is working properly, with plans to start work on the 3rd site in 2021.

march of tm188

25 Nov: MHT Delivers Record Hardware Order

In November MHT saw the shipment of 64 off Skin Temperature Multiplexers (TM188s) and 2 Mini Receiver 20 Channels. This is the biggest single order for Skin Temperature Multiplexers and the biggest single hardware order MHT has ever received. The TM188 devices will be used in the construction of an LNG facility on the Siberian coast, where they will perform an important function monitoring temperatures of the vast LNG storage tanks, ensuring the safety of the many workers at the site and the Arctic environment.