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VTW Software Version 18.3.3 Release notes


Release 18.3.3 of VTW represents the latest in the ongoing story of MHT Technology’s continuing support for bulk liquid handling and storage. The software builds on its heritage for supporting instrumentation from all major vendors and international standards of operation.

New Features

Sortable Alarm Panel

The Alarm Event Viewer has been enhanced to permit customers to define a hierarchy of notifications based on several columns. For instance, events can be sorted such that alarms are ranked by severity first, then active state, then last occurrence time.

The sort order can be “locked in” using the security system to ensure only authorised users can change this ordering.

Sorting of Events in Alarm Event Viewer


Some users of VTW are responsible for maintaining countries’ strategic reserves of fuels. In these sites the state mandates that a minimum amount of stock is kept on their tanks to keep people safe should the worst happen.

The diagram shows the relationship between the reserve volume and the current product inventory based on product level. Note that use of the Minimum Operating Level is not affected allowing movements to be safely executed on tanks with floating rooves and blankets.

A new feature allows a volume of product to be defined for each tank that represents the minimum observed quantity that needs to be maintained in the tank.

When inventory is calculated for the tank, the Reserve Volume is considered and a Reserve Deficit Volume is derived from it. The Reserve Deficit Volume is the observed volume of product that needs to be made up to fulfil the sites’ strategic reserve obligations. This value can be shown on the Home Page, Single Tank Overview, Grid View and included on customised inventory reports.

The feature allows the safe minimum volume setting to be left for the purpose it is intended. The minimum amount of product that needs to be in the tank to prevent pumps from becoming dry, or floating roofs from landing. When a strategic reserve is called upon the last thing that is needed are operators unable to supply product to those in need safely.

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