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MHT Technology Ltd’s new radio messaging system ‘RMS2’ was launched in March 2020, enabling digital Tank Gauging Systems to send
timely warning notifications using existing radio systems. RMS2 integrates with the VTW Tank Gauging System to automatically announce alarms over a site radio system. It simply requires an Ethernet connection to the Tank Gauging System and connection to a radio base station. The use of Ethernet means that the device doesn’t need to be physically close to the computer. The industry is currently undergoing a huge digital transformation, affecting procedures and processes. The new features on our radio messaging system equip sites for these changes by allowing tank farms to become more efficient with virtualisation and high availability backup systems.

The launch of our first radio messaging system in 2012 was a landmark achievement for the industry, allowing customer sites to be more robust and independent. It is a cost-effective way to ensure the highest safety standards on your site. RMS2 allows announcements to be customised, and to choose which alarms are announced over the radio. Fragments of messages are recorded and then pieced together in the system to build up the messages. The complete messages are then associated with specific events in VTW. Staff can be warned automatically by alarms without the need to be in the control room. It gives staff the freedom to work anywhere on the site safely, knowing they won’t miss any critical warnings.


high availability

RSM2 now includes high availability, meaning your system can operate continuously without failure for a long time. In high hazard environments, downtime isn’t an option. This is critical for your site if it runs 24/7, in the event of a failure your system can be back up and running in minutes.

Virtualised System Support

The new RMS2 now supports virtualisation, meaning there is no longer the need for extensive and unreliable hardware. Virtualisation is the single most effective way to reduce IT expenses while boosting efficiency and agility. Virtualisation will help your site get ready for digital transformation.

Redundant Systems

Automatically protects against hardware or operating system failures regardless of the system size. Be reassured you have a backup in case something goes wrong.

Independent Configuration

The RMS2 empowers the customer to personalise their system without costly service engineer call-out charges and allows flexibility for new configuration and changes in the future.

System Architecture

The relay cards used with the original RMS have now been replaced with a Raspberry Pi single-board computer, which connects to the VTW system via an Ethernet connection. The Raspberry Pi computer used for RMS2 can be configured to suit a range of different system architectures.

• Configurable using VTW software 

System Architecture of RMS2

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rms2 radio messenger system 

The new Radio Messenger system ‘RMS2’ from MHT Technology is based on years of expertise in the field. This is a licensable option within our VTW Tank Gauging Software.