Safe Ops

MHT has launched a new solution called ‘Safe Ops’ that digitises paper-based checklists, enabling operators to carry out their checks quickly and efficiently with an easy to use app. Transform your vulnerable paper-based checklists and harnesses your existing data to track and optimise your safety procedures with confidence.


Safe Ops combines readily available, robust, and proven technology into a simple solution to provide sites with increased confidence that the correct product is being dispatched to the correct customer. The solution can be used for a multitude of different processes including pipeline inspections, route line-ups, equipment checks, and manual tank dips.

The Safe Ops solution comprises a smartphone app, web server, and one or more physical controllers suitable for use within hazardous areas. At the core of the Safe Ops solution is an intuitive step-by-step checking process to ensure that expensive or volatile product is transferred correctly, helping to reduce costs and protect your company’s reputation by avoiding costly mistakes.

Safe Ops Process

Customers can present checks to the operator via an App on the handheld device. The operator scans a QR code then proceeds through the checks one by one. Examples include checking they are at the correct location by scanning a QR code on signage, confirming the product, customer and tank, and checking they have connected the designated loading arm by scanning an RFID tag attached to the physical equipment.

The final fail-safe is an optional physical Controller which either grants or denies the final permissive. This enables a pump to be started or valve to be opened. If the checks have not been completed correctly, the pump cannot be started. The physical Controller is ATEX Hazardous Area Zone 1 certified.

Download the Safe Ops datasheet to discover more about how MHT's latest solution can benefit your company.


StocExpo Europe 2019

MHT gave a number of live demonstrations to interested visitors at the recent StocExpo Europe exhibition in Rotterdam, Netherlands. A bespoke demonstration stand was created in collaboration with our parent company Endress+Hauser which showcased the interactions between each of the Safe Ops system components - the App, the Server, and the Controller. If you visited our stand, we appreciate your interest in Safe Ops and would greatly value your feedback.



At CHEMUK on 1-2 May 2019 MHT offered live demonstrations of the Safe Ops system. The demonstrations allowed visitors to scan QR codes on paperwork/locations and activate relays using an ATEX certified smartphone. The smartphone was also used to scan RFID tags integrated with real physical equipment instantly familiar to site owners and operators. MHT extend their thanks to Loadtec for allowing the use of their loading arms during the demonstrations.



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