Nustar Grangemouth

NuStar Energy L.P.'s Grangemouth Terminal is continuing to expand and has extended their implementation of MHT Technology's tank and inventory management system, VTW. A number of additional tanks have been added to the system, bringing in data from Endress+Hauser NRF590 Tank Side Monitors linked to FMR532 High Accuracy Radars and NMT539 Average Temperature Devices.

Tank gauging software supports site expansion

In addition to this, extra valves have been added to the system.  Product Manager Judith Brown said "One of the great benefits of VTW is that it is a totally scalable system and it is therefore easy to extend in line with site requirements.  At the Grangemouth installation, NuStar benefit from being able to remotely control their valves from VTW, enabling them to open and close valves from the comfort of the control room.  This not only saves on manpower but helps improve safety too."

This is the second terminal within the NuStar Energy group to implement VTW.  Following a competitive tender process, MHT Technology has been nominated as the number one supplier for Tank Gauging solutions in Europe.

Situated on the Firth of Forth estuary, approximately 25 miles from Edinburgh, the Grangemouth Terminal primarily handles Diesel, Gas Oil, Kerosene, Gasoline, Ethanol and various chemicals.

The Terminal has capitalised on the latest in Virtual Server technology - where the IT systems no longer rely on a single piece of hardware - and is leading the way forward for other NuStar Energy L.P. Terminals.

MHT worked in close partnership with NuStar Energy's UK IT Team to implement the VTW system, which is installed on dual redundant virtual servers and dual virtual clients.   Judith said "NuStar's Grangemouth Terminal has implemented the ultimate fault tolerant architecture for their VTW system.  This means that if any piece of server or client PC hardware should fail, the virtualised VTW system simply swaps over to a different piece of hardware in a matter of seconds."

"The Operators using the system would be able to continue working as usual and would not suffer from downtime on the VTW system."

Prior to the installation, NuStar Grangemouth's Operators and Managers attended a training course on the VTW system at MHT's offices.  To assist with learning, a training PC was also provided for the site to use so that Operators could practice using the new system in a simulated environment.

Billy Pullar, Terminal Manager said "MHT's VTW tank gauging solution has replaced an aging system and given us confidence that we can rely on our tank gauging software to always be available to monitor our inventory.  In addition, the Movements Package enables us to safely plan, monitor and analyse the safe movement of product from the Jetty into the tank farm, as well as performing tank to tank transfers."

MHT Technology is looking forward to continuing to work with NuStar Energy L.P.



Article Posted 06 August 2014

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